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Tuesday, March 29, 14 – 19 hs
Salón Píriz McColl
Facultad de Química
Gral. Flores 2124, Montevideo.


Dear all,
We are happy to announce the Satellite Symposium on Neural and behavioral plasticity in social insects, to be held as on March 29, just before the 2016 ICN Congress. We believe that it will provide complementary insight into the main ICN programme. You will be able to register simultaneously for this symposium and for the Congress, once registration is open (from September 1st 2015). We believe this will be a good opportunity to generate fruitful discussions, both following the invited talks and during the accompanying poster session. In order to encourage attendance, particularly from students, the registration fees will be kept at minimum.

Social insects show remarkable plasticity in their behaviors, both at individual and collective levels. For example, in many instances does foraging for valuable food resources involve flexibility in response to environmental cues. Processing and integration of social signals can also lead to adaptive behavioral switches of individuals, thus enabling adjustments to the colony needs. Important progress has been made recently to unravel some of the neural bases of such changes, showing remarkable plastic properties of the brains of such species.

This symposium aims at exploring new advances in this domain, showing how experience in a broad sense can modulate behavior in diverse social insect species, and how this can be implemented at the neural level. We believe that understanding how relatively simple brains can integrate previous experience and modify their function accordingly, thus resulting in adaptive behaviors in ecological conditions, may be of heuristic value for the study of such questions in many other animal models.

Looking forward to see you in Montevideo!

The organizers
Jean-Marc Devaud (Université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, France) 
Walter Farina (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Poster session
Participants are welcome to present posters (poster size will be the same as in the main meeting) and allowed to present the same poster to be presented in the main meeting.
Please submit your abstracts directly to the organizers (e-mails below) before January 15th.

Further information
Jean-Marc Devaud
Walter Farina

Registration fee: USD 25
Registration and payment should be done together with the registration to the main meeting.

By registering to this Satellite Meeting, you can also participate in the Satellite Meeting  "Neuroethology of disease vector insects" without charge.




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