Abstract Submission deadline to this Satellite Meeting was extended to February 25th. Please submit your abstracts directly to motorauditory2016@gmail.com (see below)

Please send any questions or comments you may have to motorauditory2016@gmail.com


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Ana Amador
Coordinator and Contact Person
Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sarah Bottjer
University of Southern California, USA.

Frederick Theunnissen
University of California at Berkeley, USA

Daniel Margoliash
University of Chicago, USA.

Claudio Mello
Oregon Health and Science University, USA.

Coen Elemans
University of Southern Denmark, Denmark.

In this satellite meeting, our goal is to address questions regarding how the central nervous system integrates auditory and motor information to enable communication. We propose to discuss auditory perception, sound production, motor and neural coding in a variety of model systems. Discussions about molecular and genomic tools will also be included. Our goal is to discuss about sensory and motor coding integrating different perspectives from multiple model systems, new technologies and interdisciplinary approaches, taking advantage of the common neurethological perspective that the ICN participants provide. This satellite meeting is also conceived as an opportunity for postdocs and young professors to present their research to encourage their work. The poster session would be also an important moment of the meeting providing opportunities for further scientific discussions.

Registration fee: USD 40

Satellite meeting website:



Poster Session
Participants are welcome to present their work as posters (poster size will be the same as in the main meeting). The poster can be the same or different of the main meeting. Please submit your abstracts directly to motorauditory2016@gmail.com  (deadline February 25th 2016).

Oral sessions:

Chair Theme Invited speakers
Coen Elemans Sound production and Vocal communication Gabriel Mindlin, UBA, ARG
Walter Metzner, UCLA, USA
Andrew Bass, Cornel Univ, USA
Marcelo Magnasco, Rockefeller, USA
Frederic Theunissen Auditory perception Sarah Woolley, Columbia Univ, USA 
Julie Ellie, UC Berkeley, USA
Sharad J. Shanbhag, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH, USA
Michael S. Osmanski, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA.
Claudio Mello Genetics Claudio Mello, Oregon, USA
Constance Scharff, Berlin Univ, GER
Sarah London, Univ Chicago, USA
Wan-Chun Liu, Rockefeller, USA
Dan Margoliash Distributed representations for neural coding Daniel Margoliash, Univ Chicago, USA
Kosuke Hamaguchi, Kyoto Univ, JAP


More information regarding oral sessions:

Session: Sound production and vocal communication. Chair: C. Elemans.

• Gabriel Mindlin, Dept. of Physics, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
A circular model for birdsong production.

Walter Metzner, Integrative Biology and Physiology Dept., UCLA, CA, USA.
Ultrasound production in bats.

• Andrew Bass, Dept of Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA.
Evo-Devo of Vocal-Acoustic Communication: How Deep Should We Go?

• Marcelo Magnasco, Rockefeller University, NYC, NY, USA.
Interaction devices giving dolphins choice and control. 

Session: Auditory perception.    Chair: F. Theunissen.

• Sarah Woolley, Psychology Dept., Columbia University, NY, USA.
Coordinated auditory-vocal development in songbirds

• Julie Elie, University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA.
Meanings in Zebra finch vocalizations: an investigation of acoustic and neural codes.

• Sharad J. Shanbhag, Dept. of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, OH, USA
Representations of Social Vocalizations in the Basolateral Amygdala of Big Brown Bats

Michael S. Osmanski, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA.
Complex sound processing in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus): Perceptual mechanisms underlying vocal behavior and pitch processing.

Session: Genetics.   Chair: C. Mello

• Claudio V Mello, Dept. of Behavioral Neuroscience, OHSU, Portland, OR, USAFunctional and comparative genomics contributions to the study of avian vocal learning systems.

• Wan-Chun Liu, Rockefeller University, NYC, NY, USA.
Vocal learning disorder of mutant huntingtin transgenic songbirds.

• Constance Scharff, Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany.
Neurogenetic contributions to vocal production learning.

• Sarah London, Dept. of Psychology, University of Chicago, IL, USA.
Molecular and epigenomic properties that promote complex learned behavior.

Session: Distributed representations for neural coding. Chair: D. Margoliash

• Daniel Margoliash, Organismal Biology and Anatomy Dept., University of Chicago, IL, USA.
Local and global distributed representations in birdsong sensorimotor control.

• Kosuke Hamaguchi, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.
Distributed encoding of vocal timing revealed by brain cooling and intracellular recordings in singing birds.




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