A wide poster board space (150cm wide × 120 cm height) will be prepared for each poster.
U-tac and adhesive tape will be provided. No electric supply is available near the poster boards.

The 3rd and 4th Floor facilities will be open for poster presentations throughout the congress, and each presenter will have a one-hour time slot allocated for his/her presentation during the 4-hour poster session (15:00-19:00).

Posters of the session 1 (Thu-Fri) can be set-up in the morning (from 08:30 Thu) and should be removed by the evening of the next day (before19:30 Fri). Posters of the session 2 (Sat-Sun) can be set-up in the morning (from 08:30 Fri) and should be removed by the evening of the next day (before 17:00 Sun).


1) Important dates

Abstract submission is now closed.

If you have registered before the January 25 deadline, and your payment is in process or pending confirmation, please contact pc@icn2016.uy if you need to submit an abstract.


2) General Remarks

  • The first author of an abstract must be registered at the Congress and can only be first author on one abstract. However, authors can be co-authors on several abstracts.

  • Invited speakers must be first authors on the abstract of their presentation.

  • By submitting an abstract, the authors certify that their work complies with the guidelines for human and animal research.


3) Abstract Format

  • Prepare your abstract with your usual word processor.

  • The title must be in one paragraph with a maximum length of 200 characters. Use lower case, except for standard abbreviations.Words of the title are used for abstract indexing.

  • Abstract text should have a maximum length of 250 words.

  • You may use Greek characters or special symbols. Unusual fonts or symbols can appear as weird characters in your final text, please check carefully before submitting.

  • Tables and figures should not be included in the Abstract text.

  • You will be asked to select the type of Abstract you are submitting referring to the type of session it will be presented (Plenary lecture, Presidential symposium, Invited symposia, Poster)
    In case you are presenting a Poster abstract, you may also apply to the Participant Symposia session.

  • You will be asked to select one Topic. This selection is important because it will decide the particular session at which your poster will be displayed.

  • You will be asked to provide up to 3 keywords that are important for indexing purposes.


4) Tips for Submission

  • You can only access the abstract submission form AFTER having registered and completed the payment of your registration.

  • As soon as you receive the confirmation of your registration within 72 after submission, you will be able to access to the Abstract Registration section of the ICN2016 website. You will have to login using your username (email address) and password to be able to access the abstract form.

  • Read carefully your submission and make sure that there are no weird characters and signs in your text.

  • Before submitting your abstract, you will need to approve its edited final version. No further edition of the abstract will be performed and thisfinal version of the abstract will be published in the Abstract Book. Please, remind that authors are responsible for the content and edition of their own abstracts.

  • You will receive a confirmation of your abstract submission by email within 24h.

  • You can check and modify your abstract form at any time until the deadline
    January 15
     January 25, 2016

  • After January 25, 2016, the Program Committee will revise poster abstracts, and send a confirmation of abstract acceptance by email soon after.


5) Abstract Acceptance

There is no reviewing process for abstract submitted to the Congress.
However, the organizers reserve the right to reject an abstract that is incorrectly written, or does not conform to ethical rules or to the scientific scope of the meeting.

6) Abstract Withdrawal

First authors are allowed to withdraw their abstract by contacting info@icn2016.uy at any time until the deadline January 15  January 25, 2016
Withdrawal of an abstract without cancelling registration does not entail refund of the registration fee.

For additional questions, do not hesitate to contact info@icn2016.uy.


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